Padded cycling shorts should not be worn with underwear as they are designed for next-to-skin comfort. Do you wear underwear with mountain bike shorts? or any cycling padded shorts? The short answer should be obvious “NO”

Wearing underwear under padded cycling shorts can lead to uncomfortable rubbing of the pad on your skin and discomfort in sensitive areas like around the genitals, inner thighs, or buttocks.

Why you shouldn’t wear underwear with cycling Padded shorts?

Padded cycling shorts are designed to give you extra comfort and warmth during those long hours on your bike. However, wearing underwear with them can be uncomfortable because of the extra padding in the crotch area.

The chamois is there for you to avoid saddle sores and other problems that might come from prolonged contact between your skin and your bike’s seat, so why would you want to put another layer of material in this sensitive spot? It also defeats the purpose of having padding if it isn’t touching your skin directly! Riding without underwear keeps your skin breathing and allows you to enjoy all the advantages of riding with padded shorts.

Padded shorts are meant to absorb sweat and excess moisture, which means that they need to be in contact with your skin. If you wear underwear under these shorts then they will not have the ability to work properly. This can cause a lot of discomforts while you are riding.

Cycling shorts are made from antibacterial material to protect you from experiencing saddle sores and other bacterial infections. If you wear underwear then it will trap bacteria inside it, which will result in a breeding ground for bacteria and the chamois will not be able to do their job properly.

How to stay comfortable on a Bike ride?

  •  Wear the correct size of cycling pads that fits exactly with your skin, (not too baggy or small).
  • Always  wear new or washed shorts during each ride.
  • Chamois cream is an Antibacterial which helps to prevent infections and saddle soreness. Apply it religiously before every ride.
  • Choose the right size saddle, a long saddle allows you different positions and if you like to be in an aerodynamic position use a short saddle.
  • Don’t forget to take some water with you on your ride!
  • Wear a light layer of sunscreen on exposed skin and sunglasses for protection from the sun’s strong rays.
  • Wipe your face often to avoid sweat building up and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids during your ride
  • Keep yourself cool when you need to by dangling a bandana around your neck or using a small towel tucked into your shirt collar
  • Use an energy gel or sports drink for added nutritional benefits
  • If you are wearing shoes that don’t offer arch support, try to switch them out for some other pair of shoes in your closet
  • Wear a cap with your favorite sports team’s logo on it!
  • Wear a small portable water bottle on your belt and sip from it before you get too dehydrated.
  • Remember to wear a helmet while riding
  • Wear some comfortable shorts that let air move freely through them.
  • Wear a pair of gloves or bicycling handkerchief for additional protection from the wind, sun, and sweat
  • Wear a pair of leg and armbands to keep sweat from stinging your eyes.
  • Consider investing in some padded bike shorts for that extra layer of comfort on long rides!
  • Keep a spare set of clothing or at least an extra change of socks, as well as sunscreen in your bag, just in case you need to make a quick pit stop.

What types of cycling shorts are there?

Cycling shorts are designed to provide a type of padding that helps protect the rider from chafing, and also provides an important layer of insulation. There are two main types of cycling shorts: padded cycling shorts and bib shorts. 

The type you choose depends on your personal preferences. Padded cycling shorts typically have a pad sewn into the inside panel which is intended to sit against the saddle area for long periods during a ride. 

In recent years, a type of bibshort has been developed for cyclists which is worn over other clothing to keep the shorts or pants tucked into place and prevent them from being caught in the chain or crank mechanisms. These types of shorts are similar to those worn by runners on their lower bodies. 

Bib Shorts usually have pads in front and back panels with straps that attach them around your waist, but some bibs come without any type of padding at all-they’re worn strictly for style or weight savings (although there’s no reason why you can’t wear these if you don’t mind the lack of padding). 

Padded shorts typically have a higher cut in the back, which helps to hold the pad firmly against your body. The type of padding you choose will depend on the type of riding you do, as well as your personal preference.