Using Cyclocross for Mountain Biking: Important Answers

  • By: Luke James
  • Date: January 16, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Cyclocross bikes are designed to be versatile. They can handle the demands of racing cross country courses, but also have enough clearance for larger volume tires, which makes them excellent all-rounders and fun on a variety of terrain.

But the question arises: Can you take your cyclocross bike for mountain biking? Well, the answer is yes. But it’s not always a great idea. The main difference between the two bikes is what they’re designed to do. Cyclocross bikes were originally built with one purpose in mind: racing against other cyclists on courses that varied from gravel roads and grassy fields to paved city streets and dirt country trails. 

So while you can technically take your cyclocross bike on some singletrack trails (you might want to think twice about taking it down anything too gnarly), this isn’t really its intended purpose or design. 

Mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes but generally speaking their frames are taller with more suspension and shock absorption. If you’re looking for a bike that’s ready to tackle the most intense singletrack, a mountain bike is probably your best bet.

What is a cyclocross course?

Cyclocross course is a type of bike race where riders compete in various circuits and obstacles.

The name “cyclo-cross” comes from the French term for bicycle racing, which literally means “around the countryside”. Cyclocross originated as an offshoot of road cycling that gradually became more demanding. Today, it mainly consists of a mixture of paved roads and dirt or grass tracks that often includes barriers to jump over (called “pits”) and steep hills (called “bunny hops”). The races are usually held on short courses which include some form of artificial obstacle such as stairs, sand pits, logs or rocks that riders must traverse. Occasionally, riders must dismount and carry their bike while navigating the obstacles. Cyclo-cross is popular in some European countries as a summer season counterpart to road racing.

Difference between a cyclocross bike and Mountain bike.

Cyclocross bikes, also known as “CX” bikes, are designed for racing both off-road and on pavement. They have wider tires than a mountain bike but narrower than a touring or hybrid bike. Cyclocross bikes use cantilever brakes which can be adjusted to provide superior stopping power on any surface. A cyclocross bike is not the right choice for someone who wants to ride primarily on roads because it does not have gears like a road bike has.

Mountain biking typically involves riding off-road with lots of climbing and descending in varied terrain such as rocks and mud. The terrain may involve single track trails (tightly packed dirt), double track trails (wide enough for two riders), fire roads (wide enough for 4WD vehicles), and cross country (wide open fields or meadows). Mountain bikes are generally equipped with wider, knobby tires to provide traction on loose terrain.

Should I Buy a Mountain Bike or a Cyclocross Bike?

Most people are not aware of the difference between mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. The main distinction is that a mountain bike is designed for off-road riding, often on unpaved surfaces such as dirt or gravel, whereas a cyclocross bike is designed to be ridden in races on groomed tracks usually consisting of paved roads or dirt paths. Cyclocross bikes also have drop handlebars rather than straight ones because they provide more comfortable positioning when racing.

The question then becomes: should I buy a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike? It depends largely on what you will use it for most often. If you want to ride primarily off-road trails, then a mountain bike would be best suited for your needs; if you want to ride on paved surfaces, then a cyclocross bike would be best. Mountain bikes are better suited for off-road riding because they have wider tires than cyclocross bikes and stronger frames and forks that can withstand the abuse of unpaved terrain. Cyclocross bikes are faster than mountain bikes, so if you enjoy racing your friends on paved streets or trails, then a cyclocross bike would be best for you.

Are Cyclocross Bikes Good for Commuting?

Cyclocross bikes are a type of off-road bike. They offer the best of both worlds because they can handle dirt and pavement alike. Cyclocross bikes are great for commuting, but only if your route is paved or smooth dirt roads. If you have to deal with gravel, potholes, or other obstacles then you should go with a mountain bike instead. 

Mountain bikes are usually cheaper to buy than cyclocross, but the maintenance and cost-of-ownership are much higher due to their weight and size. Mountain bikes also need a lot more upkeep (i.e. chains, tires, cables) than cyclocross which can be an inconvenience for those who want to commute and keep their bike in good shape at the same time.

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Advantages of Cyclocross bike over mountain bike

Cyclocross bikes are lighter and more nimble than mountain bikes. This makes them faster on paved roads, but they’re not as good off-road where the knobby tires of a mountain bike really come into their own. Cyclocross bikes also have a wider gear range, which is useful for climbing high hills. But if your route includes lots of gravel and dirt tracks then you might want to look at a mountain bike instead.

  • More aggressive geometry for better handling and less fatigue.
  • Lighter weight than a mountain bike.
  • More stable and predictable handling. 
  • Can be used on mixed surfaces (dirt, rock, etc) more easily than a mountain bike.
  • Advantages of Mountain bike over cyclocross bikes

    • Mountain bikes are built for rugged terrain, they can take a beating and provide the rider with more control than other types of bikes due to its suspension system.
    • Tires provide traction and grip no matter how muddy or sandy it is outside.
    • Mountain Bikes offer greater stability than Cyclocross Bikes which make them better for riders with less experience.
    • Mountain bikes are also very strong and tough. The frame is usually made from aluminium; it can handle lots of rough treatment.
    • Mountain bikes are usually cheaper as compared to cyclocross bikes.

    Disadvantages of Mountain bike over cyclocross bikes

    • The heavier frames and wheels of mountain bikes make them less efficient for commuting. 
    • Mountain bikes tend to have a longer wheelbase, which is good for stability but makes it harder to corner quickly and can make the bike feel sluggish when pedaling uphill. 

    Disadvantages of cyclocross bike over mountain bike

    • More expensive upfront cost than a mountain bike when comparable components are used.
    • More complicated gearing due to the smaller chainring sizes used on the cyclocross bike.
    • Less efficient for straight-line riding, more rolling resistance. 
    • Less aerodynamic position due to wider tires.

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