Can you ride a mountain bike with a broken spoke? Yes, It’s perfectly possible to ride a mountain bike with a broken spoke, even with multiple broken spokes, but it is not recommended and you should probably push for replacing the spoke as soon as possible.

Mountain bikes with broken spokes can be dangerous to ride because they are more likely to become unbalanced as the bike is pedaled around corners and through rough terrain, which could force you off of your bike in a hairpin turn or cause an accident on a steep slope.

Mountain bikes with broken spokes are not safe to ride. You should only attempt riding a mountain bike with one or two broken spokes if you’re in an emergency situation and need to get somewhere.

If the spoke is at all wobbly, don’t ride it! Don’t risk your life for that 20-minute trip home from work.

 How do I know if I have a broken spoke?

A mountain bike has 24 spokes and if any of these breaks, you may feel the wheel wobbling and shaking, or even go flat.  

If your wheel wobbles and shakes even when you’re not riding, it may be a sign of broken spokes.  To find out for sure, remove the back tire and see which way the rim moves to gauge which side the wheel is broken on.

If your bike has a flat tire, it’s likely you have at least one broken spoke or those other spokes are about to break.

Should I Try To Ride Home After I Break A Spoke?

Since you have a broken spoke, you may not be able to ride your bike far. It’s best to take your bike to the nearest bike shop. Mountain bikes can’t handle too much damage. Mountain bike wheels have a “stiffer” tension that allows for riding even when the spoke is broken. This means you can ride it home, but there will be some shock and wobble in your wheel.

It also depends on whether you have a 32 spokes wheel or 16 spokes wheel for example. Mountain bikes typically have 32 spokes, but some are as few as 16 spokes. The Mountain bike will be much more stable with a broken spoke if it has more than 16 spokes. Mountain bikes with 16 spokes are not designed for this kind of weight and can break very easily when ridden at all, let alone while carrying the extra load of a broken spoke.

Mountain bike spokes have two jobs: They support the wheel, which is the weight-holding part of your bike that holds up you and everything else attached to it ). The spokes also push the wheel forward so it rolls. Mountain bike wheels are built to be strong. Spokes are more likely to break in the middle of a wheel than at the end because there is less support right next to where it’s broken, so they can’t hold up as much weight.

If you’re riding and a spoke breaks, it’s important to stop immediately because there will be more weight on that broken spoke than what all of the others are holding up combined. We recommend that you take your Mountain bike to the nearest bike shop for repair as soon as possible.

How You Can Ride a Mountain Bike with a Broken Spoke?

If you’re an experienced mountain biker, it’s possible that your wheel will be fine as long as you have one broken spoke. Mountain biking with multiple broken spokes can cause issues with balance, it’s better to replace the broken spoke.

However, if you are a beginner and this happens to you while cycling uphill then it can cause significant problems for you. Mountain biking with broken spokes often leads to the wheel coming loose, which in turn leads to a serious accident.

Mountain biking with a broken spoke can be possible if you have experience and are prepared for what could happen, but for beginners, this should not be attempted! Mountain bike accidents caused by riding with a broken spoke often lead to serious injuries so make sure that you know how to ride mountain bikes before you give it a go.

Tip: Don’t ride on any roads or uneven terrain because you’ll have more chances for things like rocks and branches to hit the broken spoke, which will make things worse

Exactly How Long Can I Ride My Mountain Bike with a Broken Spoke?

If you’ve only broken one spoke, it may be possible to still ride your bike for a while. Be cautious on uneven surfaces and make sure not to take long rides or go off any rough terrain with the wobbling wheel and you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, all of the other spokes may get broken.

If you’ve broken multiple spokes, the last thing you want to do is ride your bike back home. You risk knocking your wheel out of alignment and ruining it completely because a good quality rim can cost hundreds of dollars.

What Is a Mountain Bike Spoke and What Is Its Purpose?

Mountain bike spokes are an important part of any mountain bicycle wheel that helps connect the rim (hub) to the hub’s axle so you can turn your wheels left-right while pedaling forward. Mountain bike spokes attach to the rim and are shaped like a spoke. Mountain bike spokes have holes on both ends that allow them to fit onto the wheel’s hub, and they attach to either side of the bicycle frame with threaded nipples or quick-release skewers.

Spokes are crucial to the stability of a wheel. Without them, tension would be lost and rims could become misaligned with each other or not spin at all. If your spokes have been compromised in some way (either by coming loose from their true position on the rim, breaking altogether) they need to be replaced before you can continue riding safely.

Keys to Maintaining Mountain Bike Spokes

Mountain bike spokes can be a complicated system to maintain, but with the right tools and know-how, it’s not too difficult. Mountain bikes come equipped with multiple spoke nipples on each wheel that need yearly maintenance.

The first step is removing any dirt or debris from between the nipple slot and rim so that they are clean and free of grit. This can be done with a spoke brush or rag, depending on the severity of dirt build-up.

The spoke nipples should then be tightened as much as possible while avoiding over-tightening. Mountain bike spokes can stretch in time and too tight of a nipple will cause it to break or snap off.

The final step is to keep the spokes lubricated with a quality lube. Mountain bike spoke nipples will rust if not cared for, so be sure that you follow these steps on a yearly basis and your wheels should last much longer.

How to fix a broken spoke by yourself?

Step One

Inspect the rim to check if it’s damaged or worn down in any way. Check all of the spokes as well to see if they’re loose or broken off completely from their attachments at either end of the axle bearing area (where you would find nuts). 

Step Two

For front-wheel repair, just remove the disc rotor. Otherwise, just take off the cassette.

Step Three

Just make sure to use the correct length and same type of spoke as you have in your wheel.

Step Four

Remove your broken spoke by loosening the nuts with your fingers or use pliers.

Step Five

Remove the broken spoke from your wheel and replace it with a new one. Tighten the nuts using pliers as you did before to secure them in place. Mountain bike spokes are usually different lengths so be sure that they’re all tightened evenly!

Step Six

Repeat steps one and two with the other broken spokes until you have replaced them all. If any of your wheels feel noticeably out-of-balance, replace a new set of spokes on that side to balance the weight out.

Step Seven

For the final step in building your wheel, you’ll need to make sure it rolls smoothly and evenly. Adjusting the tension on spokes is one way of checking for a balanced ride. The goal here should be to have no squeaking or unnecessary shaking as you’re riding along! If there are any parts that seem loose, take them out and tighten until they fit right again – this will ensure that they stay put after being tightened down altogether at the end of the construction process.

Step Eight

When the rim tape is punctured, it will need to be replaced. You can use gorilla tape for this job.

Step Nine

The next step in the process is to install a tube and tire back onto your bike. You’ll want to inflate that new tire before you head out for another adventure!

How Much Will It Cost to Replace a Mountain Bike Spoke?

The cost to replace a mountain bike spoke varies depending on your location, the type of spokes you need, and how quickly they’re needed.

You can generally find replacement spokes for $0-50 per set which is much cheaper than having a professional repair them at a bike shop. Mountain bike repair shops usually charge $0-150 per hour to replace a spoke.

What Do I Do If My Mountain Bike Spokes Keep Breaking?

There are a few reasons why your bike keeps breaking spokes. It’s important to figure out the cause before you replace them so that it doesn’t happen again.

A broken spoke can signal an issue with something else in your bike such as loose bearings, tensioning problems with chain-rings or derailleurs, bent wheels…the list goes on! The best thing is always prevention since there’s not much we can do once the problem occurs.

Instead of using regular bike spokes on your mountain bike, invest in higher quality and more durable spoke. Mountain bikes require stronger and tougher spokes that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding like rocks or mud with ease.

If you are still breaking spokes, it is likely that either: a) your wheels need to settle before trying them, or b) there’s an issue with the wheel. After this point, it would be best for one of two things to happen–either taking the bike in for professional opinion and/or purchasing new tires.